1. Catamarans and Trimarans declared eligible are the ProSail 40s and Hobie 21s and may be entered by obtaining a ProSail License and completing registration with the regatta organizing authority (ProSail).
  2. ProSail reserves the right to limit registration to licensed ProSail Competitors in good standing.
  3. Any changes, additions or amendments to these Sailing instructions will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board located in the Del Monte Competitors Lounge. Postings will be done as they become available, but not later than 15 minutes prior to the “Harbor Signal” on the day of any race which may be affected.
  4. There will be a Harbor Signal prior to departure of the Race Committee on each racing day. Any signals made ashore will be displayed near the ProSail Race Committee Office, except as described in Sailing Instruction 14.10 “Protest Time”.


The Start:

  • The races will be started in accordance with PSR rules. The signals for starting a race shall be made at five-minute intervals.
  • Each flag or shape signal shall be lowered one minute before the next signal is made.
  • The starting line will be between the yellow ProSail flag on the race committee boat at the starboard end and a Mark at the port end.
  • A boat shall not start later than 5 minutes after her starting signal.


  • Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with PSR rule #10.2H
  • General recalls will be signaled in accordance with PSR rule 10.21, which reads “First Substitute” – General Recall Signal, all boats are recalled for a new start, two sound signals will accompany the “first substitute” flag.
  • When a General Recall has been signaled, a new “Start Signal” only will be made, five (5) minutes after the recalled start with the clock continuing to run.
  • If a General Recall is signaled for the first start, the following start shall be moved back by five-minute intervals accordingly.